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Mission Statement

Our inter-denominational ministry is compromised of over 5,200 volunteers, Serving in all 29 state correctional facilites and all 83 county jails in the State of Michigan, who are caring, loving, non-judgemental Christians who are totally dedicated and devoted to serving broking men, women, and children who are impacted by the walls of incarceration.

We are merely servants in God's ministry, devout Christians, serving God as the Holy Spirit directs us. We share a passion to share the knowledge of the love, peace and joy that a personal relationship with Jesus Christ can bring to their lives.

Hebrews 13:3
"Remember those in prison, as if
you were their fellow prisoner
and those who are mistreated,
as if you yourself were suffering..." 

Lifeline Prison Ministry is a Member Of:

international network of prison ministries (INPM)

American correctional Association (ACA)


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