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Angel Tree Program


Lifeline Prison Ministry volunteers in conjunction with hundreds of Churches across the State of Michigan, participate in the Prison Fellowship "Angel Tree" Christmas program providing the story of the birth of Christ, along with a Christmas party with gifts, to the Children whose parent is incarcerated.

Every child has a story, sadly  for 2.7 million children in the United States, that story is one of sadness, abandonment, loneliness, and shame that comes from having a Mom or Dad in prison. Angel tree demonstrates the love of Christ to these special and deserving children. To let them experience and feel they are not forgotten, but cherished and loved.

The Angel Tree Program connects the parents in prison with their children through the delivery of Christmas gifts purchased and donated by volunteers, who then deliver the Christmas gifts in the name of the incarcerated parent. An important aspect is that the children, not only receive the Christmas gifts, but the Volunteer conveys  the Christmas story and Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Holiday season can be heartbreaking for a child with a parent in prison. the Angel Tree gift Ministry, not only validates the child, but also helps to maintain the important ties between the imprisoned parent and their children.