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Bible Study & Worship Services



Lifetime Prison Ministry Worship & Bible Study Volunteers, conduct weekly Worship Services and Bible Studies in all thirty (30) state correctional facilities and all eighty-three (83) county jails. As disciples for Christ, this wonderful devoted team convey to the incarcerated men and women the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His plan of salvation. Thus bringing the Love, Hope, Grace, and Forgiveness into the hearts of the those incarcerated.  


According to the highly regarded Pew Research Organization headquartered  in Washington, D.C., a national survey was conducted in April of 2017 with prison chaplains and prison administrators. The report concluded that 76% of those surveyed considered religious programming and counseling as a significantly important aspect of an inmates rehabilitating process..... additionally 73% of those surveyed stated support from religious groups after an inmates release from prison to be absolutely critical to the inmate's rehabilitation and re-entry back into society.

Laws, rules and regulations will never change an individual, the only thing that will change a man , is the change in one's heart. Our dedicated Volunteers shine  the light of Jesus Christ  into the darkest of settings our prisons and jails.... the good news is lives are being changed one man, one woman at a time.