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Children Mentoring Program

Lifeline's Child Mentoring Team Volunteer provides mentoring and if needed referral services for a child or children who have a parent who is incarcerated. The period of a parent's incarceration is an excellent opportunity for positive intervention with these children. Just becoming actively involved in their lives can greatly impact the future choices they make.

Mentors play a positive role in addressing the needs of a child. Lifeline's Volunteer Mentors are loving and caring adults who support the child in their social, emotional, spiritual, and educational developement, during the duration of their parent's incarceration. It's important to note that a child who has an incarcerated parent has a heightened risk for substance abuse, mental illness, and suicide. In many cases the child is exposed to living in poverty and experiencing household trauma and instability. Additionally, the child can experience trauma, fear, guilt, shame, seperation anxiety, isolation and poor self-esteem.


1. Greatly enhances a child's self-esteem.

2. Reduce fear, guilt, shame and anxiety.

3. Reduce first-time drug and alcohol useage.

4. Increase regular school attendance

5. improve academic achievement

6. Improve caregiver and peer relationships.

7. Re-establshes the Child's trust

8. Enhances Child and parent relationship

9. Helps the child cope emotionally   

10. Prepares child for parents return home

 A child who has an incarcerated parent and/or family member has a 70% probability not possibility at some time in the future they will follow their family member to prison. This is not acceptable, a mentor can greatly assist in changing the cycle of family incarceration.