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Children's Educational Endowment Program



Lifeline Prison Ministry,  It's Children Mentors and Volunteers are dedicated to encourage and support a child of an incarcerated parent in learning the value of a quality education. Our Child Mentors work not only with  the child on the pursuit of educational excellence. But our mentors also work with the teachers and counselors at the schools to follow-up on the students progress.

Studies have shown that children who have a Mother and/or Father in prison are 40% more likely than other children to drop out, be expelled or suspended from school. It is alarming that 70% of these children perform below-average academically, when compared to other children who do not have an incarcerated parent.

Through a wonderful grant, Lifeline has initiated an Educational Edowment Plan, that rewards not only classroom achievement, but community involvement, extra curricular and church activities. Here is how the program works:   Inmates in the state correctional facilities are informed of the endowment and submit a letter To Lifeline informing us that they have a son/daughter who will be a graduating senior that year...... A contact is then made with the caregiver informing them that the child qualifies for the opportunity to receive a $5,000 educational grant.......We ask for permission to meet with the caregiver and child and set up an appointment date........ The Child is then sent a questionaire with basic questions, but also must indicate why he/she believe they are deserving of the educational grant....... The child is then interviewed by two (2) members of the Lifeline Prison Ministry Board of Directors with the caregiver present ........ The two (2) Board members from the information provided then contact the school principal,  two (2) teachers, the church pastor, and the child's caregiver....... A report is then submitted by the two Board members and the entire Board of Directors review the  applications and the educational grants are awarded  based on merit for excellence both in and out of the classroom.

Lifeline Prison Ministry, awards through a S150,000 educational grant, scholarship funds for graduating High School Seniors who have an incarcerated parent(s). ln the calendar year just ending thirty (30) graduating seniors received $5,000 each to further their education either for college or a certified vocational training program.