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putting for Puppies 

Lifeline Prison Ministry has 22 programs for the incarcerated and their families. One of the programs is our Inmate-Canine Program.  In this program selected inmates train Golden & Labrador Retriever puppies to become therapy, assist, and service dogs for:

1. Disabled Veterans:               Puppies For Heroes Program

2. Children with autism:           My Buddy Program

3. Individuals with seizures      Seizure  detection & Assist Program

The puppy program is our most expensive program to run.  Each year  beginning  May 1st  thru August 30th, we  hold our annual Putting-For-Puppies fund raising campaign, which begins with our general donation request, includes an incredible prize raffle and is highlighted in August  by our annual golf outing, being held on Monday, August 16, 2021  at the Boulder Pointe Golf Club, located in Oxford, MI. 

The impact of the puppy programs cannot be overstated. The quality of life for a disabled veteran, a child with autism or an individual with severe seizure issues have been so greatly enhanced through the puppy programs.

It should be noted that 100% of your donation is utilized to support our puppy programs. There are no salaries or administrative cost, your donation is also tax deductible.

To donate simply go to our donation page, If you desire more information, would like to volunteer, purchase raffle tickets or like to golf at our Putting-For-Puppies golf outing, simply indicate on our website or email at:  or by phone:  248-250-4043.