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Transportation Program

Lifeline Prison Ministry through its volunteers and association with over 900 churches throughout the State of Michigan arrange transportation so family members can visit a loved one who is incarcerated. In many cases the inmate has not had a visit in many years. lts not unusual to hear from an inmate what it meant to see his/her children or Mother and Father that they hadn't seen for years. All because a family member did not have the transportation available or financially could not afford the cost to travel the distance to the prison. Lifeline Prison Ministry never charges for any transportation for children or family members to visit their loved one in prison or jail.Visits have a powerful positive effect for both the inmates and their families and bring hope during this painful time of seperation.


Love Bus

Kids on Bus                   


Lifeline Prison  Ministry provides for children and caregivers a unique opportunity to share "The Love Bus " experience.  Bus transportation is arranged  for children and caregivers to prisons located in a specified geographic area. Once on the" Love Bus" children receive a backpack containing a Bible and assorted other items. Breakfast is provided along with snacks. Once at the prison each child has a photo taken with their incarcerated parent and  receives a copy of the photo to take home with them.. During the four (4) hour visit the child gets to have a private lunch with his/her incarcerated Mom or Dad. Finally, on the Bus trip home each child receives a Teddy Bear with a letter from their incarcerated parent..... within ten (10) days a Lifeline Child Mentor follows-up with the children to  address any issues or concerns the child and/or caregiver may have.