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Vocational Village Program



There are several obstacles that the incarcerated face upon their release including: The prospect of unemployment ..... A lower level of educational attainment ..... An absence of a steady history of employment ..... and a lack of vocational skills. All of these issues can hinder the individual in his/her efforts to find a good job and make a decent wage. One solid course of action is to provide educational programming and vocational training to those while they are in prison to assist them in overcoming these challenges by fostering the skills they will need to find good viable employment upon their release.The Vocational Village Programs within the State of Michigan Correctional Facilities are designed to teach inmates about general employment skills or skills needed for specific credentialed and cerified jobs and industries.

The overall goal of the Vocational Village Training Program is to reduce the inmates risk of recidivating by teaching them marketable skills they can utilize to find and retain employment following their release from prison. The Vocational Training Program also reduces insitutional behavior problems by replacing the inmate's idle time with constructive educational and purpose driven work.

Lifeline Prison Ministry partners  with the Michigan Department of Corrections by working with industries, organizations and business owners in the private sector. Collectively they bring their field of expertise into the prison  and teach apprentice programs that produce industry-recognized credentials and certifications for the inmates. Many inmates who successfully complete their training  receive guaranteed employment upon their release.

The following are certified training programs currently in operation in the Vocational Village Training Program:   Auto Mechanics  -  Electrical   -   Plumbing    -   Carpentry   -   Masonary   -    Heating & Cooling   -   Roofing   -    Upholstering   -   Custodial Maintenance   -  Horticulture  -  Truck Driving  -  Computer Programming.