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Canine-Inmate Team



 Our Volunteers serve in 3 distinct Canine Programs


Puppies Behind Bars is a 24 month program where selected inmates are given a Golden or Labrador Retreiver Puppy to train. The Puppy lives with the inmate for the entire 24 month period, during the week a professional trainer comes into the prison and works with the inmate to train his/her assigned dog. The dog at the end of the 24 month training period is then tested on a multitude of commands, if the dog passes all the commands, it is then given to a returning disabled veteran from Iraq or Afghanistan and utilized as a service dog for the veteran.

If the dog does not pass all commands, then it is placed in a another program working with the Department of Home-Land Security and the dogs are then trained to become explosive detection canines for not only the Department of Home-Land Security, but also law enforcement agencies through-out the United States.



In this program inmates are educated to work, train, groom and foster all breeds of dogs that were previously in an area animal shelter and scheduled for euthanasia. Upon successfully completing their six (6) month tenure with the inmate the dogs are then adopted into screened loving families.



This program is very similar to the Refurbished Pets Program, The difference is this program is breed specific...Greyhounds! Inmates are taught to work, train, groom and foster Greyhounds that are retired from racing. A sad fact is 98% of all Greyhounds are euthanized once they have finished their racing career. After being successfully trained, the Greyhounds are then adopted into screened loving families.


Our volunteers assist in public awareness, transportation, fund raising, dog adoption, training assistence and adoptive screening.