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Chaplain Services

Lifeline Prison Ministry has on staff an incredible woman of God..... Senior Chaplain Gail "Grateful Gail" Panny, who upon request serves the inmates and their families through the stressful and painful legal process.

Grateful Gail meets with the accused offering hope and the awareness of God's love, forgiveness and grace. She meets with family members of the accused to add support, comfort and the knowledge that we're here for you. Grateful Gail will attend the court proceedings with the family lending her love and concern during this difficult time in their life.

After sentencing Grateful Gail continues to show her compassion and concern as she encourages the family members while their loved one is incarcerated. She also communicates with other team members of Lifeline Prison Minstry so the one incarcerated is being uplifted through prayer, visitation, communication, bible study and true Christian love.

Grateful Gail also is there for the victims of crime, to comfort, assist and bring the healing powers of God in their personal tragedies. She also teaches the lncredible Celebrate Recovery program in many of the state correctional facilities.

Grateful Gail is a highly credentialed and certified Chaplain through the International Fellowship of Chaplains (IFOC)......  Certified in both Individual and Group Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) ....... A Board Member of the Oakland County Rapid Response Organization ....... Vice-President of the South-Central Oakland County Families Against Narcotics Organization (FAN)....... Certified Addiction Recovery Coach  and has tremendous expertise in the areas of Recovery, having served as a Regional Director for both Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) .......  Initiated  several Celebrate Recovery Ministries in Churches throughout the Midwest .......  Has taught Celebrate Recovery (CR) Inside at several Correctional facilities..... Gail is a noted guest speaker..... She also performs weddings and funerals.