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Lifeline Prison Ministry and it's dedicated Volunteers understand the hurt, loneliness, isolation, shame,and sadness that a child feels when they have an incarcerated parent or family member.

According to the United States Justice Department, a child who has an incarcerated parent or family member has a 62% probability, not possibility, they will someday be incarcerated as well. Thus following the same destructive path as their family member. The children constitute the most "At Risk" children in our society. It is imperative that we break the cycle of family incarceration.

Through our Ministry we provide Christian mentoring and support through a variety of children's programs. these programs rekindle hope and provide alternative solutions to validate and empower the Children to make the right choices in his or her life. Programs in which the child's self-worth and esteem are elevated through Christian Mentoring, healthy activities and the love and support of the Lifeline volunteers.

Our Children's Summer Camp Program is one such program to enhance the Child's life. Our Christ-Centered camp program provides the Child with an incredible seven (7) day camping experience...... filled with new and exciting Educational... Recreational and .... Spiritual activities for children ages 6- 16. The camp Programs are as follows:

Educational Programs: The Children Learn about Nature, the great out-of-doors, plants and animals. They are taught safety and basic survivor skills both in the Woods as well as the water, They are taught crafts and art, Basic First aid, The dangers of addiction and making the right choices. Through our highly credentialed counselors they are taught coping skills to assist them during a loved ones incarceration. Children also learn that they loved and valued

Recreational Programs: Swimming (including lessons if needed), Archery, zip, lines, nature walks, biking, miniature golf, canoeing, kayaking ,art, music, fishing, volleyball, badminton, paddle boats, crafts, Camp fires, singing, swings and  rock climbing.


Spiritual Programs: Morning devotionals, Bible Studies, Praise & Worship, Evening Services, Bible Studies, prayer time.