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Prisoner Creative Arts Project

We partner with the University of Michigan in this wonderful program also known as PCAP. With the support of students and educators from the University of Michigan. Inmates who are creatively gifted, whether it be in art, music, dance, or creative writing are offered a venue to enhance their God-given talents. 

Talented students and educators go into the prisons and mentor the inmates in their given talent and upon the inmates release back into society, the inmate continues to be mentored, hopefully to expand his/her talent into a productive career.

Not only are the inmates tutored, but once a year at the University of Michigan, works of art, dance, song and literary works are performed, displayed, read and sold with all funds going back into inmate programs.

Our Team members assist in the fundraising, awareness and transportation of art for the annual viewing and the assimilation of needed supplies, we also assist in the mentoring and re-entry concerns of the inmate.