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Housing & Recovery

 An inmate being release from prison has many concerns. One of the most pressing is: "Where am I going to live upon my release?"  Many former inmates simply cannot reside with their families for a variety of reasons. Many have had either an alcohol or drug addiction issue in their past and need further counseling, mentoring and support to remain addiction free..

Lifeline Prison Ministry provides housing for both male and female ex-offenders. Lifeline also has an extensive network of resources, programs, and referral relationships throughout the state of Michigan to assist the ex-offender with the services he/she may need.. These services include: securing proper identification, food, clothing, shelter, medical, optical, dental, vocational assistence, addiction counseling, mental health counseling,  transportation needs and educational resources.

We locate and provide for the parolee,  service providers that can also assist in finding quality highly structured faith-based housing. We can assure the parolee a supportive and nuturing Christian housing environment that is safe, clean, sober and highly-structured..... An environment of love and support where your achievements and life victories are celebrated.

It should be noted all Lifeline Prison Ministry residences and those housing units referred by Lifeline  are approved by the Michigan Department of Corrections. We adhere to a strict zero tolerance policy for the use of alcohol and drugs and enforce all terms and conditions of the individuals parole or probation.  Lifeline provides weekly reporting to the court, probation/Parole officer on issues of job verification, program compliance, attendance at both recovery meetings and  counseling session, and drug/alcohol screening results.