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Inmate Re-Entry Program


Each year more than 700,000 men and women are released from State and Federal prisons, while another 2 million cycle through local jails. Statistics indicate that 70% of these men and women within three (3) years of their release will be re-arrested and incarcerated. This high rate of recidivism equates to more crime, more victims and more pressure on an already overburdened criminal justice system.

Reentry Programs are designed to assist incarcerated individuals upon their release to successfully transition back into their community and family..... As release day approaches the inmate will go through a gammit of emotions. Dealing with life outside the prison walls can truly be overwhelming. During their time behind bars all of their basic decisions were made for them; What time to get up, what time to go to bed, when to eat, what to wear, when to go to class, when you could go to church etc. Now suddenly they will have to make decisions on their own.

Lifeline Prison Ministry's Reentry Volunteers are dedicated in seeing these soon to be released inmates become the caring, law-abiding, and productive members of society that God intended for their lives. The Volunteers help prepare both the male and female inmates to leave the darkness of incarceration into the light of a bright and new tomorrow.

A unique approach of Lifeline's Reentry Program, is while the inmate is receiving good Christian mentoring in the correctional facility,  two (2) Lifeline Volunteers are mentoring the inmates family preparing them for the return of their family member.....the results have been outstanding!


1. Assistance in locating a good Bible Based Church.

2. Individual & Family Mentoring

3. Food - Clothing - Shelter

4. Life-Skills Training

5. Marriage - Parenting Classes

7. Substance Abuse & Mental Health Counseling resources

8. Money-Management Classes

9. Vocational Assistance - Resume Writing & Employment Interviewing Techniques

10. Document Assistance- Drivers License, Social Security Card etc.

11. Transportation Assistance


It is imperative we reach out in Christian love and service, reaching down and grasping the hand of one in need and bringing them back on their feet. If Jesus asked us 'Where does man keep his most precious treasurers, we would probably answer.... "Locked up somewhere out of sight .... I'm sure Jesus would say " My most valuable Treasuers on earth are also locked up" ... " Tell my people that there's a great treasure behind these walls, in these forgotten and forsaken men and women...they shall claim victory in my kingdom."