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Inmate & Family Mentoring

Members of this team, assist newly released inmates. We assist in the reunification of the inmate to his/her family and to the community, striving to meet the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of the inmate, spouse and children. We help these individuals to heal their hurts, habits and hang-ups redirecting their lives towards Jesus Christ and restoring them back into society. 

The volunteer on this team can elect to work with the former inmate, spouse or the children, as there are seperate programs for each. The mentor works not only hand-in-hand with the former inmate, but also the parole or probation officier making sure the inmate keeps in compliance with the terms for parole and/or probation.

The Mentor provides guidance, support, direction and assists the inmate in readjusting to their familes and to the communities in which they reside.