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Inmate Visitation Program



Lifeline Prison Ministry Inmate Visitation Team provides one-on-one personal visitation to the men and women who are incarcerated. This dedicated team of Christian Volunteers covers all thirty (30) state correctional facilities and all eighty-three (83) county jails.

The Visitation Team Volunteer personally visits the inmate on a regular basis, (minimum twice monthly), bringing Christian Love, Hope, Compassion, and Friendship to the inmates who so desperately yearn for a ray of hope and to feel that they are not forgotten. Sadly, the Visitation Volunteer may be the only visit the inmate receives. Many inmates have not had a personal visit in years. This can be attributed to many factors:

                1.  The commuting distance between the correctional facility housing a family member and the family or friends residence. In many cases it can be several hundred miles.

                2.   Financially, many families cannot afford the cost of transportation to the facility. if the correctional facility is hundreds of miles from the home residence, the cost of gas, food and lodging becomes to great an obstacle in making the visit a reality.

                3.   For many family and friends it is too emotionally painful to see  their loved one in a jail or prison setting. Therefore they elect not to personally visit their loved one.

                4.  Many inmates have no family or friend support. This can be attributed to many factors such as:  The type of crime committed ..... Anger for the  shame and hardship caused by the inmate ..... Guardians choice not to let the inmates children see their parent in a correctional setting ....... Family and friends  tired of the inmate being incarcerated again and again...... The age of the inmate, outliving family and friends.


Recent studies have documented that increased visits with an offender not only improves his/her institutional conduct, but also has a positive influence upon the offender's re-entry back into society. The studies also revealed the positive changes of the inmate after visits from a Father, Mentor, or Clergy.

Lifeline Visitation Volunteers also reach out to the inmates family to lend support, being a conduit to hopefully bring restoration back between family members and their incarcerated loved one. A volunteer visit to an inmate is truly uplifting to an inmate, for it demonstrates true Christian love and reinforces the light of Christ in even the darkest of places.

Matthew 25:26 "When did you see me sick or in prison and go visit you? The King replied, "I tell you the truth whatever you did for one of the least of these my brothers of mine, you did for me."