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One Day with God Camp


Lifeline Prison Ministry promotes and supports through its volunteers Forgiven Ministry's "One Day With God Camps." The One Day with God Camp is an incredible program where preselected Inmates at a State Correctional Facility are afforded the opportunity to spend an entire day with their children, as the children are taken into the Correctional facility and along with their incarcerated father/mother share in Praise & Worship, Games, Crafts, share a Birthday with gifts, share a meal together, Pray together and seek forgiveness as the child and incarcerated parent are reunited. Our ministry is thrilled to promote this incredible program founded by Scottie Barnes of Forgiven Ministry, located in Taylorsville, North Carolina. 

Forgiven Ministry is devoted to bringing love, reconciliation, and forgiveness to the inmate and his/her children in a Christian Christ-Centered environment.

"The One Day With God Camp" is a program under which selected Correctional Facilities open their facility to carefully screened inmates and their children for an entire day of shared activities, including but not limited to: games, praise & worship music, crafts, sharing a meal together, praying together, celebrating bithdays, and many more bonding activities.... it truly is a day of forgiveness and reconciliation between the incarcerated parent and his/her children.

Forgiven Ministry Inc., is a 501-c3 non-profit organization, all donations are tax deductible. It should be noted any donations received from Michigan, go totally to support the One Day with God Camps in Michigan, for more information, to volunteer or to donate contact:

Forgiven Ministry, inc.
P.O. Box 117
Taylorsville, NC 28661-0117
Phone: 866-584-7534
Fax: 828-632-6434